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The CLX.Sentinel Promotional Video



Attack Scenarios

Keystroke and Mouse Logging

This video shows how to retrieve personal and transaction information using the mouse and keyboard logging attack vectors.

Session Hijacking

In this video we describe how a Hacker can hijack an active browsing session.

Keystroke and Event Emulation

In this video we showcase a very common attack scenario which uses the keystroke and mouse event emulation attack vectors.

Window Overlay and Event Emulation

In this video we describe a powerful attack scenario which combines the event emulation and window overlay attack vectors.

Dynamic Code Dumping And Patching

This Video describes an attack whereby malware uses DLL-injection techniques to modify the details of a Web browser transaction.

Static Code Dumping & Patching

This Video describes an attack whereby a hacker replaces a standard web browser's files with a modified version of the executable code.

Social Engineering & Interface Manipulation

In this Attack, the Hackers target an out-of-band transaction validation method implemented with the use of the ZTIC device.

mTan & OOB Methods

In this video, we show the vulnerability of out-of-band (OOB) transaction validation techniques, and in particular mTan methods.

PDF Form Spoofing

This scenario describes a targeted attack against form filling and digital signing using PDF Reader.

Screen Capturing

This Attack Scenario describes how hackers can obtain valuable information by screen capturing the data shown on the display of the PC.

Promotion Videos

H-Browser Promo Video

A short video of strong visual impact for introducing the product slogan. Let us know if you like it!

CLX.Sentinel Promo

A promotional video introducing the CLX.Sentinel, the first e-banking product featuring the H-Browser.


A Power Point presentation with audio commentary by Dr. Ronchi on the H-Browser technology framework.

The CLX.Sentinel Promotional Video

The name “sentinel” says it all. It secures and monitors the data flow between you and your Bank during the e-banking transaction. The CLX.Sentinel could not be easier to use: as soon as you plug it into the USB port, the hardened browser launches automatically and you can log in as usual at your Bank. The product supports the e-banking solutions of all Swiss banks: just plug in, log in and e-bank!

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